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The Ballad of Penelope and Marlin 2021

Updated: Mar 20

The Ballad of Penelope and Marlin – a Uniquely Great Southern Musical at the Town Hall

The Ballad of Penelope and Marlin was a comical look at life in the future, where robot bees tend to your needs and love begins with an upgrade. Marlin is the last in a long line of fishermen. With no fish left in the oceans, he reluctantly entered Harmony Hive and met Penelope, a future star, who disrupted the hive with a start up like no other.

This uniquely Great Southern musical was about hope, desire and a hive that is home to humans and the last living bee. Created exclusively by Artists from the Great Southern Region and including live musical performances The Ballad of Penelope and Marlin was a great night out at the Albany Town Hall.

Creative Team

Director: Anne Sorenson ​Assistant Director: Nelson Blake

Musical Director: David Rastrick

Choreography: Annette Carmichael Design: Serena McLauchlan

Production Manager: Megan Turpin ​Costumes: Dakota Green ​Lighting: Kevin Blyth ​Sound Design: Campbell Creswick

Stage Manager: Symantha Parr

Stage Assistant: Kore Ford Cast Penelope: Tahlia Robinson-Solczaniuk Marlin: Luke Pascoe ​Sweet Crone: Rachael Colmer ​Mzz Bishop: Sarah Flo Hunter ​Generalista: Katherine Cleary ​Bee Bots: Don Anderson, Jasmine Reeves & Imogen Taylor

The Ballad of Penelope and Marlin was funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC), Culture and the Arts WA - The Western Australian Theatre Development Initiative 2020-2021 funding program


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