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Coco's Cabaret 2023

Updated: May 7

Emerge with us from the verdant cold of winter for a delightful and intimate evening at Coco’s Cabaret. You will be hosted to a night of performances, from song, dance and circus, by artists rising in their journey on stage.

Coco's Cabaret consisted of 14 acts showcasing various forms of circus, aerials, dance, and clowning. SEA's space was transformed into Coco's Cabaret for an intimate evening full of laughs and intrigue, with an intermission break for the Albany Agricultural Show fireworks. Performance levels ranged from first-time performers entering the stage for the first time to skilled professionals.

Director's Note - Jackson Burrell

The excitement, nerves and endless possibilities that come bursting out of the seams during the process of creating a show have been a fantastic thing, but the truly special part has been the journey of experimenting alongside each performer to bring to life, throw out, refine and share wild and creative ideas on the stage. The set design, the lighting, the sound and the production have met the performers and their acts to weave into existence this generous and rich world that we have invited you in to be a part of.

It is a special thing to put something on stage, it is a special thing to create a stage and an experience such as this one, and it is a special thing to be able to join us in this sharing and take in all of its wonders, so please enjoy and hold close any and all of the feelings that tonight may bring up.

Creative Team

Director: Jackson Burrell

Producer: Megan Turpin

Lighting & Sound: Luke Simpson & Flynn Huntley (Plantagenet Production Services)

Set Design: Kelly Fregon

Set Construction: Kore Ford, Megan Turpin, Jackson Burrell & Cassy Turner

Poster Design: Chelsea Ceicela

Front of House: Kore Ford

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