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Never Know When 2022

Updated: May 7

Never Know When was an ensemble theatre piece that explored the ideas of increasingly divided communities and who belongs where.

Never Know When was a cryptic hyper-colour noir that featured Mop Cop TM on the case of why the dogs are in town, the birds are on vacation, and Sailor Tim is sleeping with the fishies.

Multiple fragments and narratives blended and blurred to illustrate the issues of life extracted from our environment.

Creative Team

Writer and Director: Nelson Blake

Assistant Director: Jasmine Reeves

Sound Design: Campbell Creswick

Lighting: Luke Simpson (Plantagenet Production Services)

Print & Graphics: Nelson Blake & Megan Turpin

SEA Team

Artistic Director: Anne Sorenson

General Manager: Megan Turpin

Stage Manager: Kore Ford

Special Thanks:

Cat Manoni

ACE Camera Club

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