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Interwoven 2023

Interwoven was a boundary-pushing contemporary aerial performance that wove together athleticism and art, friendship and fabric, movement and music. SEA's Youth Performance Troupe blended impressive aerial skills with contemporary elements of dance, movement and sound composed especially for this abstract show.

Three silks, thirteen friends and one unique performance of aerial arts.

Director's Note - Cassy Turner

The creative journey of ‘Interwoven’ has been unlike anything SEA has accomplished before. This project already holds a very special place in my heart. Interwoven has been a 6 month long collaborative process delving into the world of contemporary circus. Drawing inspiration from modern Australian circus, SEA’s Performance Troupe have pushed the boundaries of what they know in the world of aerial arts, innovating and creating this bold new work. Venturing beyond the classic big trick, “ta-da” approach, we explored new ways to lift each other, both physically and metaphorically. This progressive approach to aerials proved challenging yet left an unforgettable impression. For me, the most magical moments were the improvised accidents, the beautiful interactions that happened during rehearsals between our cast and crew. It’s been an honour to work alongside this talented group of creatives. I will forever be grateful to the behind the scenes team, in particular Megan who always seems to make my wildest ideas come to life. What you witness now is the culmination of creative endeavours, storytelling and cooperation. The images, movements and motifs of Interwoven remind audiences of the intricate connections between us. Now I invite you to immerse yourself into the mesmerising world of Interwoven.

Composer's Note - Campbell Creswick

After working on pantomime, I was excited for the opportunity to compose and create the sound design for this enchanting performance. Each of these musical pieces has been created and tailored, through workshopping, to specific choreography and aerials techniques used by the performers. My initial research included “TheMinimalist” music movement with contemporary composers Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Rileyand Lamont Young being major contributors to the movement. The Techniques include repetition,arpeggios, phasing, warping, reversal (Tape Splicing) with inspiration and simplicity from Indonesian Gamelan Music.

Creative Team

Director: Cassy Turner

Collaborators: Yazmin Ryan, Jackson Burrell & Sharni Bracknell

Lighting: Luke Simpson (Plantagenet Production Services)

Sound Design/Composition: Campbell Creswick

The SEA Team

General Manager: Megan Turpin

Production Assistant: Kore Ford

Special Thanks

Promo Photography: Brian McCahon

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