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The Dreaming Hill

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Performed in 2015

The Dreaming Hill incites contemplation, empowering Australians to deeply comprehend the perilous situation our young ANZAC soldiers and nurses found themselves immersed in . Geographically isolated from their beloved home and families, awaiting deployment to horrific battlefields, from the Greek island of Lemnos.

This riveting theatrical production speaks to the enduring spirit of young men and women, confronted by the encroaching shadow of war. The Dreaming Hill captures the tragic deconstruction of carefree innocence, exposing vulnerability, hope and sacrifice.

Performed by a talented youth ensemble, The Dreaming Hill connects the legacy of the ANZACs with a modern audience, enticing them to consider what it would mean for themselves or their teenagers, to be called to duty in Australia’s military history.

A collaboration between WA Youth Theatre Company (WAYTCO) and Southern Edge Arts (SEA).

Written by Hellie Turner Directed by Renato Fabretti and Simon Woodward

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