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Game Changer

Performed in 2015

Southern Edge Arts’ talented Theatre Ensemble and CircaSEA Troupe (our senior youth performers) collaborated on a unique performance that was a real Game Changer.

Blending aerial and circus arts with contemporary youth theatre, Game Changer explored the journey of life and the opportunities, obstacles and challenges that shape our youth today.

Based on youth devised monologues that capture the many moments in a young person's life; good or bad, big or small, Game Changer was a performance is about acceptance, resilience and embracing change as a powerful antidote to the ever-challenging world of a teenage life.

This contemporary performance was both confronting and visually spectacular, as an eclectic collaboration between theatre and aerial acrobatics the performance blended seamlessly into one cohesive experience. The audience was provided with a rare insight into the mechanics of young minds at their most vulnerable stages. No longer children but not yet adults, Game Changer was as unpredictable as life itself.

Photos by Lata Photography.

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