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Street Acro

Street Acro with artist Zak Launay blends break dance, tumbling, Parkour, Capoeira and slack lining, this high energy acrobatic class focuses on flips, jumps and kicks associated with urban street arts and Brazilian street dance.  Parkour is described as urban running. climbing, jumping, rolling and vaulting to get from one place to another in the most efficient way. Capoeria is a Brazilian martial art combining dance and acrobatics.

Members are welcome to enrol in any number of workshops suited to their age; payment for these workshops is due at the first lesson. Workshops generally start at the second week of the school term.

We also run holiday workshop and short term intensive classes which are widely popular for our school age participants. 

Click here for workshop timetables

  B E L O N G  

  A C T             

 C O M M I T   

 P R E S E N T S 

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