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Multiple circus skills are taught  at SEA including acro-balance, juggling, unicycle, stilts, climbing, balances, handstands, tumbling, hoola-hooping, mini-trampoline, sliding-table plus more! Students are invited into the circus stream (Big Top classes) as they progress in ability, knowledge and attitude. Through the Big Top progression, students improve their general circus skills in acrobatics, handstands, tumbling, mini-trampoline, trapeze, and acro-balance, amongst others. These classes feed into the performing Circus Troupe, CircaSEA.

Members are welcome to enrol in any number of workshops suited to their age; payment for these workshops is due at the first lesson.

Workshops generally start the first week of the school term.

We also run holiday workshop and short term intensive classes which are widely popular for our school age participants. 

Click here for workshop timetables

  B E L O N G  

  A C T             

 C O M M I T   

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