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My Money Matters

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My Money Matters - Stitching our money stories together to make meaningful change.



This June, Southern Edge Arts is proud to present a series of textile workshops that explore the intersection of fabric, finance and feminism with textile artist Verity Byth,

Running in a number of locations they are great opportunity to start some conversations, share understanding and change your money story.

Targeting women , these workshops are open to anyone who feels comfortable in a women’s workshop space. 

All workshops are free of charge and all materials will be supplied and no sewing experience necessary.  

See details of workshops below.

Southern Edge Arts

Denmark Arts

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For women of all ages

Tuesdays 12-3pm starting May 30

Free - bookings required

MMM Denmark A4 post.png

For Mothers and Daughters

Wednesdays 4-6pm starting June 6

Free - bookings required

ASYA Open Access

Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre

MMM AYSA A4 Flyer.png
MMM rainbow coast A4 Flyer.png

For young people

Tuesdays 4-5.30pm starting May 30

Free -  no bookings required drop in

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