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SEA Productions We believe it is our role to foster in young people a desire to explore, discover, invent and learn different ways of performing and provide opportunities for them to do so. 

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Performed in 2015

The Dreaming Hill incites contemplation, empowering Australians to deeply comprehend the perilous situation our young ANZAC soldiers and nurses found themselves immersed in . Geographically isolated from their beloved home and families, awaiting deployment to horrific battlefields, from the Greek island of Lemnos.

This riveting theatrical production speaks to the enduring spirit of young men and women, confronted by the encroaching shadow of war. The Dreaming Hill captures the tragic deconstruction of carefree innocence, exposing vulnerability, hope and sacrifice.

Performed by a talented youth ensemble, The Dreaming Hill connects the legacy of the ANZACs with a modern audience, enticing them to consider what it would mean for themselves or their teenagers, to be called to duty in Australia’s military history.

A collaboration between WA Youth Theatre Company (WAYTCO) and Southern Edge Arts (SEA).

Written by Hellie Turner Directed by Renato Fabretti and Simon Woodward

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Performed in 2015

Originally titled 'All In Good Time', Intersection of Sound and Sunk is a cross-art form production combining stunning visuals, circus, physical performance and storytelling. Using Rod Vervest’s Voice Prints as a point of departure this timely project celebrates Albany’s personal histories collecting stories from youth, seniors and children with a focus on enabling intergenerational exchange. 'All In Good Time' was a magical re-telling of local stories past and present.

This was also SEA’s very first commissioned play written by young emerging Albany playwright Liz Newell. Mentored by one of Australias most exciting Playwrights Finegan Kruckemeyer, Liz has taken fragments of true Albany history and stiched together a part factual part fictional play. The script evokes an element of magical realism, which provides plenty of scope for Director Mark Storen and our young performers to experiment with elements of circus, acrobatics, physical skills, movement and spoken word to create a truly unique and engaging performance piece.

Rod & Ella Vervest created and performed live an original music score, and Perth Designer Fiona Bruce was engaged to create the set for the performance. Finegan Kruckemeyer joined the creative team during the second week of the school holidays to fine tune the script.

Performed in 2014

Enigma brings to life the work of Leonardo da Vinci by merging circus, aerials and acrobatics in an innovative evening of contemporary Australian performance.

CircaSEA, presented by act- belong- commit, have conceptualized a visual extravaganza of circus performance and narrative that links art, innovation and science as seen through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci.

Da Vinci’s rich and diverse body of work, including his art, inventions, observations in nature and experiments in early mechanics and flight, have provided an abundance of inspiration from which to devise performance.

Devised by CircaSEA in collaboration with SEA lead circus artist Beth O’Neill and internationally renowned circus artist Chris Mayhew, Based largely on Da Vinci's sketches and diaries, this highly choreographed performance was a feast of exhilarating aerial and ground performance with acrobatic machines, pitching, Chinese pole, object manipulations and numerous aerial apparatus including double trapeze, aerial cubes, silks, hammocks and a cloud swing alongside stunning projections of da Vinci’s work; allowing the audience to be fully immersed in da Vinci’s powerful vision.

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