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SEA Productions We believe it is our role to foster in young people a desire to explore, discover, invent and learn different ways of performing and provide opportunities for them to do so. 

Performed October 2019

The Glow Show presented by Drug Aware was a youth devised circus production performed under UV lights by the CircaSEA troupe. With a diverse mix of acrobatics, manipulation and aerials, it was a unique, fun, visually spectacular performance which left audiences spellbound!

Photography courtesy ACE Camera Club: Warren Lilford and Bob Symons

Performed October 2019

"If humans colonise Mars or the Moon, have we learned our lessons?”

MOON_SHIP 2020 was a contemporary youth theatre performance loosely based on Lord of the Flies. It pieced together timeless texts and crash recordings to explore what the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing means in our modern world.

Photography courtesy ACE Camera Club: Warren Lilford and Bob Symons

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Performed in October 2019

Presented as part of 2019s Living in the Edge Festival. Participants attended three workshops over a week in the October School Holidays to expand their Musical Theatre skills, choreograph and rehearse.

The week culminated in a night of Youth Musical Theatre Cabaret with each performer presenting a song of their own choice, plus group performance choreographed during the week.

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