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SEA Productions We believe it is our role to foster in young people a desire to explore, discover, invent and learn different ways of performing and provide opportunities for them to do so. 

RESET – Choose your reality.


We joined Southern Edge Arts for a reality TV show with a difference. A game show with a twist. We were absorbed in this thought provoking contemporary theatre piece, created by the Theatre Ensemble at Southern Edge Arts. Brimming with ethical dilemmas, influencers and entertainers, RESET had you rethinking your reality and considering your choices.


What would you choose? A new reality or stick with the same?

Director's Note - Anne Sorenson

RESET is an example of young people collaborating to create a contemporary theatre performance that is relevant to their lives. SEA's Theatre Ensemble may be small in number, this year, but they are big on talent, ideas and initiative. The characters, themes and design have all come from their conversations and improvisations. It is such a joy to see these amazing young people working together, taking ownership over the direction, script and the development of this performance. It certainly made my job easier! I congratulate them and celebrate their achievement in taking an idea and transforming into an intelligent and thought provoking play.

Creative Team

Artist Director: Anne Sorenson

Writer/Director: Poppy Algie

Lighting: Luke Simpson (Plantagenet Production Services)

Sound Design & FX: Campbell Creswick

Stage Manager: Sharni Brackwell

RESET Theme song: Hannah Sorenson

SEA team

General Manager: Megan Turpin

Production Assistant: Kore Ford

Special Thanks: Nelson Blake

Never Know When was an ensemble theatre piece that explored the ideas of increasingly divided communities and who belongs where.

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Awakening Art depicted the story of a young outsider who accidentally discovers a gallery of opportunities.

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Awakening Art combined visual art, history and modern cultural concepts to show that when the right person ends up in the wrong place... they find magic!

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