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Living on the Edge 2022

Living on the Edge is back for 2022. Across September and October as part of SEA's Act Belong Commit Youth Performance season, Southern Edge Arts will deliver a series of performing arts performances and workshops aimed at engaging great southern youth in the arts.

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Never Know When

Awakening Art

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Never Know When is an ensemble theatre piece that explores the ideas of increasingly divided communities and who belongs where.


Never Know When is a cryptic hyper-colour noir that features Mop Cop TM on the case of why the dogs are in town, the birds are on vacation, and Sailor Tim is sleeping with the fishies.


Multiple fragments and narratives blend and blur to illustrate the issues of life extracted from our environment.

Written and directed by Nelson Blake.

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The latest youth devised Aerial and Circus performance from Southern Edge Arts.

Awakening Art depicts the story of a young outsider who accidentally discovers a gallery of opportunities. 

Southern Edge Arts’ Aerial and Circus Troupe’s bring museum artefacts and familiar paintings to life in a thought provoking performance that explores ‘coming to life’, ‘growing’ and ‘changing’. 


Awakening Art combines visual art, history and modern cultural concepts to show that when the right person ends up in the wrong place... they find magic!      

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Circus & Aerial Workshop

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