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SEA Productions We believe it is our role to foster in young people a desire to explore, discover, invent and learn different ways of performing and provide opportunities for them to do so. 

Screened in 2018.

Written, directed, filmed and acted by SEA's 2018 Filmmaking members.

Filmmaking director and tutor Katie O'Doherty.

Performed in 2017.

The end-of-year showcase for the Aerials and Circus workshops was called Cirque of the Ages. Featuring all members from the Big Top workshops, Aerials beginners to seniors, the CircaSEA troupe and the Aerials for Performance troupe.

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Performed in 2017.

Hitting the Fourth Wall was SEA's end-of-year showcase for the Actor's Club, Little Actors and filmmaking workshops.

Hitting the Fourth Wall was a play presented by the Actor's Club.

The Little Dog was a beautiful performance held by the puppetry class with Sandy O'Doherty.

The Plague was a short film produced by filmmaker Merlyn Moon.

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